Friday, September 3, 2010

The Shaklee Wedding

Imagine, an olde Victorian home in the Alabama countryside, it is white washed as if fashioned of bone. The porch runs the length of the home and tucks itself neatly just beyond each corner. A fountain just before the main steps bursts with gold, red, yellow and green hues of arranged flowers.

Banners are strung to the left of the main yard, in the middle of a field, white and green [Shaklee colors] snap wildly in the wind. In fact, everything at this event is white and green, and a gold Shaklee Distrubutor's pin flashes vividly on my lapel. Her dress is white of course!, with a light green veil shielding her face.

I am wearing a white suit shot through with green stitching at the seams. The tables, the chairs, the cake, all white and green. This is my wedding...

If you are thinking, "This is nuts." well, it is nuts. I would never do such a thing, wearing a white suit, no. This suit is all green, a patchwork of forest and evergreen, military and camo. This is Alabama after all and we are absolutely insane about Shaklee. We door-knock with the subtleties of a black-clad SWAT team, my foot landing just to the left of the knob, a splintering of wood announcing our environmentally friendly arrival!

Alright, well, perhaps all of this is a half-truth. We are getting married, it is in the countryside in an "Olde" Victorian, actually the description is spot on. Except the green and white, it is more of a white and cream, all colors of roses and an array of sweets that is unsettling to me as a fanatically healthy person.

I just wanted to let everyone know, well, both of you and one of you being me, that I have not been posting as I prepare for this event on September the 11th!

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