Sunday, August 29, 2010

The Coach Approach


First of all I would like to introduce a book to everyone, "Win-Win Selling: The Original 4-Step Counselor Approach For Building Long-Term Relationships With Buyers". I have absolutely no affiliation with this book, if I have something exciting to share with you, I certainly will. There is a new and updated version of this text if you think you might have already read it. Find the new version at Amazon, "Win-Win Selling" at, very enjoyable read.

Generic vs. Non-Generic:

The idea of this approach is the one I use on a day-to-day basis and it meshes well with Shaklee. Have you ever tried to sell a car to someone? Worked on a commission based income? If you have  than you know all too well the pressure of sales, when the salesman is pressured, the customer becomes pressured. It is an uncomfortable way to earn money and it just feels wrong.

When I worked on the floor in the vitamin industry, you had a team that was counting on you and you have to sell specific product or you did not bonus. Suddenly, every person is walking out the door with "Hydroxycut Hardcore"!  I could not believe it when I saw my manager sell this to an elderly person for an $8 dollar bonus. People had become a commodity and this is when I left the industry...

The people that come into vitamin stores are not simply curious, they have real concerns, they are seeking answers. In almost every large chain vitamin store you find a generic approach and a cure-all, tailored to your needs around commission-able product, not necessarily the healthiest answer.


Shaklee is a breath of fresh air coming from that kind of environment and when I came out of this environment into a healthier one. I had no idea how to move this product, my pitch was robotic and well, it was a pitch. In comes "Win-Win Selling", a coach approach to sales, a healthy way to sell that benefits everyone involved. 

The Steps:

Find your passion, what do you have experience with? Have you suffered from allergies? If so, you have something in common with at least 55% percent of the population. Immune boosters like NutriFeron are for you!

Discover a need, I do this simply by listening to people with complaints, eventually an open ear will attract a lot of attention. Idly suggesting a solution has a lot of power, when doing this, just wait for them to ask you about your proposal.

Selflessness, I often give someone product if I think it will help them, recently I had given away a bottle of VitalMag to an individual suffering from a multitude of conditions. Lack of quality sleep, depression, anxiety, I gave this product with no intention of return on investment. If you have a solid solution that works they may wish to continue this regimen, thinking of others feels nice, and it is healthy!
Building trust, suggesting the healthiest solution that is not based around commission or point value. This will assist you in the long term when people know that they can listen to your advice. If you think something will work better than a Shaklee product, well, you should offer it. Send out postcards, ask about their day, give them a call, as a friend and not a pusher. 

This is not the exact advice of "Win-Win", of course, the book has a lot more to offer, I simply put some outlines in the context of Shaklee. If you are considering the Non-Profit Plan from Shaklee this book will be an essential guide to getting in the door with Chief Executive Officers in places like the YMCA.


"Shaklee Tools: Hiding In Plain Sight!"


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