Friday, September 24, 2010

Targeted Shaklee Healing: Magnesium

In this series I would like to inform you, the Shaklee representative or user, on how products can be used. In every new product launch we are given a broad representation of the product, how many people may be affected by it, such as 80% of the population is lacking in magnesium. These are great selling points but the one thing that I am fantastic at, is a targeted application of products.

Unstable Heart Beat:

Something that I find very common is an unstable rhythm of the heart, which is often linked to low or insufficient magnesium, our time released magnesium is a fantastic treatment to regulate heart beat. You do not have to be deficient in this mineral to benefit from it! 

It is also very helpful during the occasional overdose of stimulants, that new diet pill someone asked you try, or one to many latte`. Magnesium will slow the thrumming of your heart, calm down your mental state and allow you to take a few deep breaths.

It is one of the best anti-stress supplements out there and fortunately VitalMag is also time released and absorbed readily. This reduces stomach upset and diarrhea that often occurs as a result of inferior mineral type, yes, there are different types of magnesium. With many minerals you always want to check the mineral type on the back of the bottle. 

Combining Magnesium:

VitalMag + B & C Complex: This combination helps dissolve unwanted stones from the body, I have employed this a few times. The B & C complex comes in the Vitalizer series of multi-vitamin packs which is also time released. This will rid the body of stones and also prevent the materialization of more stones. 

Of course I must stress the importance of seeing your general practitioner before use and advocate a balanced diet. Unless your blood pressure is low, the benefit of magnesium far outweighs the risk of this vital mineral.

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