Friday, August 27, 2010

How To Help! & Profit?


"These methods can be applied to any business, they are used in this specific context for Shaklee because that is what I do. So read on..."


So you need help yourself and we do this by selflessly assisting others, this is a somewhat broad subject, so let me narrow it down. By listening to those around us we can perceive opportunity! The next time you hear, "Argh!! I just cannot get my cholesterol down...", you must introduce and interject.

The Listening Advantage:

It is that simple and there is no shortage of personal complaints in the world. The sick, the jobless, the struggling, even the rich, will soon have a need. If I know of a way that I can help someone, even if it is separate from the Shaklee line, I do not hesitate. Because every positive connection will lead you towards a positive end.

Know When To Stop:

You cannot help those that will not help themselves, on one hand I adhere to empathy and on the other hand, you have no ability to force someone to be healthy or work. There are people out there that enjoy their ailments and the attention that comes with them. Releasing and removing these people from our lives could be the healthiest thing you do for yourself. 

Establish Control:

Personal well being should be established before moving forward, when joining Shaklee you will be asked to use their products, enjoy them, and feel better. You should, they are fantastic products, they are clinically tested. But do not under any circumstances try to buy everything at once because this will only damage you and your household. 

Follow Your Interests:

What interests you the most? The product you choose for your original niche should be something that interests you. If you attempt to sell something only because you think it is the best business model, well, this may end badly. 

How long has it been since you were passionate about something!? The beauty of the Shaklee line is that we have multiple avenues for any type of person to follow. 

Nutrition : Beauty: Anti-Aging : Eco-Cleaning : Weight Loss : Hair Care : Purification

If you have a passion for beauty, pursuing cleaning product because it is less expensive, makes no sense. In a business model this looks fantastic for your pocket book! But you really do not love what you do, stop thinking about money. It is impossible, I know, you may owe $10,000 dollars to the IRS but there is no healthy way to move forward with this mindset. 


Listening to the needs around you can be profitable and rewarding, following your heart may seem like a long lost dream, sadly this is the only way to achieve your goals. Stop thinking about money, business models, and selfish desires. Selfless thoughts along with personal wellness will bathe you in financial wellness.


Look for, "The Coach Approach", we will identify the only universal approach. 

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