Friday, August 27, 2010

Shaklee? Or Shaklee!


There is much to say but I will begin with just a little, if you are reading this to yourself, all of my blogs should sound like Brad Pitt's narration of "The Interview with the Vampire". Once you have this voice sharply in your mind, we will continue.


Shaklee did not save my life or cure me, I am not a house wife or an invalid, I am not a baby boomer or an author of a book that will, "Teach You Any Number Of Ways To MLM Success!". I actually try not to sell anyone, anything. Let me tell you more about my past with sales and nutrition...

Who am I?

Twenty five, ruggedly rugged, and emphatic about nutrition and fitness. The name is Morgan Lee, of Lee Inc. Shaklee Independent []. I have worked as a personal trainer and technician for an interactive fitness company, fitness sales consultant, nutritional consultant, and although personal training is fun and rewarding, I am endlessly passionate about supplements.

Why Shaklee?

After years of little to no control of my personal successes I began making life altering changes. One after the other! The machine gun rattling off, spent shells flicking from the barrel! 

"I grabbed an associate's degree in a recession! I attempted sales in a fitness corporation! I became a notary public! I found Shaklee!" There was simply no control of anything in my life because the checks would come in haphazardly and the jobs only kept me slightly above water. 

Some people will tell you that it is all about timing, no, it is all about the control over your well being. There are no longer pensions, no credit, no market, so why would you depend on a system in turmoil?

You Don't Sell? 

There is no longer a market for hard sales.  Remember this if nothing else and your losses will be small. Shaklee has a 100% money back guarantee and if you push for a sale you can expect a return. This is true for any product where sales are involved because buyer's remorse is now a temporary illness.

Find a need or introduce a product you think may help someone, the operative word here, is help. Forget about your debts and possible ruin, off to good things, remember your ancient boyscout training! 

How To Help! & Profit?

Look for this entry soon!

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